Ochi-ishi st.
Index of
GHGs monitoring
at Hateruma Island
Cape Ochi-ishi

1. Outline
2. Location
markStation information
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3. Contents
markMeasurement system
4. Results
5. Data download
6. Science team member

Last updated on July 17, 2003
6. Science team member
Dr. Gen Inoue inouegen@nies.go.jp
Dr. Hitoshi Mukai CO2, 13C, O3 lnmukaih@nies.go.jp
Dr. Masayuki Katsumoto database katsumoto.masayuki@nies.go.jp
Dr. Toshinobu Machida standard gases tmachida@nies.go.jp
Dr. Yasumi Fujinuma fujinuma@nies.go.jp
Dr. Yasunori Tohjima CH4, N2O, CO, H2, O2/N2 tohjima@nies.go.jp
Dr. Yoshiyuki Takahashi yoshiyu@nies.go.jp
Dr. Yoko Yokouchi Halocarbon yokouchi@nies.go.jp
Dr. Yukihiro Nojiri nojiri@nies.go.jp
Dr. Hiroshi Tanimoto CO, H2, NO, NO2*, SO2, O3 tanimoto@nies.go.jp
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