Ochi-ishi st.
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GHGs monitoring
at Hateruma Island
Cape Ochi-ishi

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Last updated on July 17, 2003
3. Contents
markStandards and CO2 measurement system
mark Standard gases

CGER/NIES established its own scales for CO2 (NIES95 scale), CH4 ('94), N2O ('96), and CO ('96). They were prepared gravimetrically. Primary standards for CO2 consist of 8 aluminum cylinders from 320 ppmv to 390 ppmv. Secondary standards were prepared in order to calibrate working standards to be used at the stations. Stability and consistency of relative concentration of primary and secondary standards are tested periodically. CGER/NIES also has been participating in international analytical comparison activities (e.g. Round robin test by WMO).

mark CO2 measurement system
CO2 system
Figure 3-1. Instrumentation control and data acquisition system
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3. Contents
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