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GHGs monitoring
at Hateruma Island
Cape Ochi-ishi

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Last updated on July 17, 2003
3. Contents of monitoring

Measurement components include greenhouse gases, other chemical species related to air pollution, and meteorological parameters. They are summarized in the table below. In addition, other monitoring activities such as Rn, isotopic composition of CO2 are also performed.

The measurement system is fully automated (see CO2 system and NIES standards). Analytical condition data, such as gas flow rate, pressure, and temperature, are sent to NIES everyday for verification.

Parameters Method Sites Remarks
CO2 Non-dispersive Infrared CO2 analyzer both Continuous
CH4 Gas chromatograph equipped with FID both
N2O Gas chromatograph equipped with ECD both
O3 UV absorption both
Chlorofluoro carbons GC-ECD HAT 4 times/y
Tracer Species CO/H2 Gas chromatograph equipped with reduction gas detector both Continuous
NO, NO2* Mo conversion/Chemiluminescence both
SO2 UV Pulsed fluorescence both
Meteorological factors    Wind direction & speed Wind vane/anemometer both Continuous
Temperature Pt resistance thermometer both
Humidity Electric capacitance both
Solar Radiation Thermopile pyranometer both
U.V. UVmeter both
Precipitation Tipping-bucket both
Atmospheric pressure Aneroid barometer both
NO2*: Because of Molybdenum converter, the higher oxidation compounds might also be measured.
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