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Last updated on July 17, 2003
 2. Location and weather
markHateruma station

photoHateruma Island is located at the southern end of the Japanese Archipelago, 60km north of the Tropic of Cancer, 220 km east of Taiwan, and 460 km southwest of Okinawa. Hateruma island was formed by raised coral reef, and it is about 6 km east-west and 4 km north-south, with area of about 12.5 km2. The population of the island is about 600 and the sugar cane farming is the island's main industry. The station is located at the east end of the island, about 100 m from the coast and 10m above sea level, surrounded by the windbreak forest.

The wind is northerly to northeasterly in autumn-winter and southerly to southeasterly in spring-summer The annual mean wind speed at the top of the tower (46.5 m above sea level) is about 8 m/s. The surface temperature is about  24oC and the annual rainfall is about 1900 mm.

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markCape Ochi-ishi station

photoCape Ochi-ishi is located at the eastern coast of Hokkaido, at base of Nemuro peninsula. It has considerably cold climate with average yearly temperature of about 5oC. Most of the cape is covered by marshy ground and designated as a Nature Preserve.  Ochi-ishi area is a moor, preserved as a southernmost border for distribution of Sakai azalea (Natural monument:Rhododendron Lapponicum L. subsp. Parvifolium).The Cape Ochi-ishi monitoring station is located at the southern tip of the cape and 50 m above sea level. City of Nemuro (population of 35,000) is the closest city and is located at about 20 km east of the cape. 

The wind is mainly northerly to westerly between the late autumn(November) and early spring (March). The wind direction changes frequently between April and October, and it ranges from northeast to west-southwest. The annual mean wind speed is about 8 m/s at the top of tower (96 m above sea level), the annual mean surface temperature is about 5.5oC, and the annual rain fall is about 1000 mm.

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