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Cape Ochi-ishi

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Last updated on July 17, 2003
4. Results
  1. Y.Tohjima, H.Mukai, S.Maksyutov, Y.Takahashi, T.Machida, M.Katsumoto and Y.Fujinuma (2000).
    Variations in atmospheric Nitrous oxide observed at Hateruma monitoring station
    Chemosphere-Global Change Science, 2 435-443
  1. Y.Tohjima, T.Machida, M.Utiyama, M.Katsumoto, Y.Fujinuma and S.Maksyutov (2002)
    Analysis and presentation of in situ atmospheric methane measurements from Cape Ochi-ishi and Hateruma Island
    J.Geophys. Res., 101,029/2001 JD 001003
Poster Presentations with Abstract
  1. M.Katsumoto and Y.Fujinuma (1999)
    Greenhouse Gases(GHGs) Monitoring in CGER/NIES
    2nd Intern. Symp. CO2 in the Oceans (Tsukuba), p487
  1. M.Katsumoto and H.Mukai (2000) Activities of greenhouse gases monitoring in CGER/NIES
    Cape Grim Baseline Air Pollution Station, Annual Scientific Meeting 2000 p14
  1. Y.Fujinuma, M.Katsumoto, H.Mukai, Y.Tohjima T.Machida, N.Oda, S.Saitou, Y.Nojiri and G.Inoue (2001)
    Baseline Monitoring of Greenhouse Gases at Two Remote Site Stations in Japan-Hateruma and Cape Ochi-ishi
    6th International Carbon Dioxide Conf.(Sendai), Vol.1 AT41 166-169
  1. H.Mukai, M.Katsumoto, R.Ide, T.Machida, Y.Fujinuma, Y.Nojiri, M.Inagaki, N.Oda and T.Watai (2001)
    Characterization of Atmospheric CO2 Observed at Two-background Air Monitoring Stations (Hateruma and Ochi- ishi) in Japan
    6th International Carbon Dioxide Conf.(Sendai), Vol.1 AT16 108-111
  1. J.Zeng, Y.Nojiri, P.P.Murphy, H.Mukai, T.Machida, M.Katsumoto and Y. Fujinuma (2001)
    Variability of atmospheric CO2 over the northern north Pacific: results of a ship of opportunity in 1995-1999
    6th International Carbon Dioxide Conf.(Sendai), Vol.1 AT23 127-130
  1. H.Mukai and H.Iwami (2001) CO2 Reference Gas Prepared in NIES for Intercomparison of Isotope Analysis
    NOAA CMDL Annual Meeting 2001 p17
  1. Y.Tohjima, S.Maksyutov, T.Machida, M.Katsumoto and Y.Fujinuma (2002)
    In Situ Measurements of the Atmospheric CH4 Mixing Ratio at Cape Ochi-ishi and Hateruma Island, Japan
    NOAA CMDL Annual Meeting 2001 p19
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4. Results
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