About the data

The image map data (3000x2400-pixel PNG) and the KMZ file for Google Earth are offered at this website.

How to install Google Earth

Google Earth is a free program provided by GoogleTM . Download and install Google Earth in your computer to open the KMZ file.

How to use the KMZ file

Follow the procedure below to download KMZ file and view Google Earth.

  1. If you agree to the copyright and usage conditions, check "Agree".
  2. Then click the "Download Form" button.
  3. Download KMZ file from the download form.
  4. Start Google Earth.
  5. Select "Open" from the file menu and open the unpacked KMZ file.
  6. The KMZ file will be shown on Google Earth.

Copyright and usage conditions

The copyright of the data provided at this site belongs to the National Institute for Environmental Studies and Nagoya University. The use of data contained in this web site is permitted only for research, education and learning purposes. It is not allowed to use the data for commercial or profit making purposes.

User agreement

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