Impact Assessment and Countermeasures

CGER is conducting various projects on the prediction of sea level rise and countermeasures against this problem.

Monitoring of Global Warming Effects (Alpine Zone-Central Japan, Hokkaido)
The vulnerability of alpine ecosystems to climate change, as pointed out by IPCC, and the necessity to conduct monitoring in the alpine zone have been recognized worldwide. We are, therefore, monitoring the ecosystems in the Japanese alpine zone by using digital repeat photography in order to understand the snow cover period and the phenology of the alpine plants.
Bias corrected climate scenarios based on CMIP5
This dataset is bias corrected climate scenarios over Japan based on CMIP5. The spatial and temporal resolutions are 1km and daily. This data can be used for various impact studies.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Scenarios
A database collecting a number of greenhouse gas emissions scenarios. This database contains the past IPCC reports, such as SRES (Special Report on Emissions Scenarios), TAR (Third Assessment Report) and AR4 (Fourth Assessment Report) as well as other many non-IPCC scenarios.

The Collection of Data in CGER Report

Report of the International Workshop on Climate Change and Wetland Conservation
A report of at "A International Workshop on Climate Change and Wetland Conservation" hosted by NIES at Kushiro, Hokkaido, Japan in September 2001.
CGER Report, ISSN1341-4356, CGER-D032-2002
Data Book of Sea-Level Rise 2000
A publication which explains prediction, impacts to coastal regions, environmental risk assessment/country studies, international programs, and mitigation/adaptation policies of sea level rise problems for general public. Both Japanese and English description are included.
CGER Report, ISSN1341-4356, CGER-D025-2000