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Last updated on July 17, 2003
1. Outline of Hateruma and Cape Ochi-ishi stations

Hateruma Global Environment Monitoring Station is located at the southern end of Japan. Hateruma Island, a small sub-tropical island and part of the Sakishima Islands, is located at more than 1000 km from mainland Japan. The station was established in 1992 to monitor the long-term trend of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the Eastern Asia. In 1994, the second station was set up at Cape Ochi-ishi in Hokkaido to monitor atmospheric environment in higher latitude. In addition to GHGs, other related gaseous species, aerosol, and meteorological parameters are now observed at both stations. The station is operated by highly automated monitoring system and requires  a  monthly maintenance.

CGER also supports other scientific activities by researchers in NIES and other organizations at the stations.

Figure 1-1. The locations of ground-based stations
Cape Ochi-ishi station
Cape Ochi-ishi station
Hateruma station
Hateruma station
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