ODIAC Fossil fuel emission dataset

Emission dataset

ODIAC v1.7 (as described in Oda and Maksyutov 2011)

Version nameODIAC v1.7
Release date2015/08/19 (Last updated: 2015/08/19)

cc_by CC BY 4.0

ParametersCO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion.
Temporal coverage 1980 - 2007
Emission estimates Estimates made by Oda and Maksyutov (2011).
Domain Global
Time resolution Yearly
Spatial resolution 1x1km, 5x5km
File format Binary
Data volume470 Mib (Binary, 1x1km), 141 MiB (Binary, 5x5km)
README for 1x1km / 5x5km (Binary)

Weekly/diurnal emissions can be modeled by multiplying the TIMES temporal scaling factors developed by Dr. Ray Nassar at Environment Canada and colleagues, to monthly emission fields (Temporal Improvements for Modeling Emissions by Scaling, Nassar et al. 2013). The scaling factor is defined on a 0.25 x 0.25 degree. The data can be downloaded from the web site of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.