Update: rev2

(This revision was accepted on August 2016)

Summary of updates

  • Datasets obtained from 4 sites in Hiruzen, Okayama pref. and Takatoriyama, Kochi Pref. were registered.
  • HTML metadata was updated.
  • Data files were updated.

HTML metadata update details


In this data paper, some biogeochemical nitrogen properties of forest soils from 39 43 sites throughout the Japanese archipelago are provided.

To enrich the quality and quantity of the dataset, an additional 29 33 sites were studied in the GRENE environmental information project.


  • Affiliations of the data set owners were updated.
  • Affiliations of the contact persons for the sites URA, URN, KSN, OYB and OYC were updated.
  • Affiliations of contact persons for the newly registered sites were added.


The latest sampling date: Nov 18th, 2013 (at OYC)  Nov 13th, 2015 (at TTA and TTB)

6. METHODS / A. Sampling sites

  • The number of sites and regions were revised.
  • The newly registered sites were added in Fig. 1 and Table 1.
  • Geographical coordinates for sites URA and URN were corrected.


Latest update: August 2014 2016


  • The grant numbers were revised.

Data file update details

site_metadata.csv : Site metadata for HZA, HZB, TTA and TTB were added. Spelling errors in some scientific names of tree species were corrected. Dominate tree species for ARB was corrected.
litter_layer.csv : Litter layer data for newly registered sites were added.
soil_properties.csv : Data of soil properties for newly registered sites were added.
net_n_transformation.csv : Net N transformation rates of newly registered sites were added.
gross_n_transformation.csv : Gross N transformation rates of newly registered sites were added.