Tomakomai site after 2004



Approximately 37 thousand ha of forest were damaged by strong winds accompanying a typhoon in September 2004; 90 % of forest at the Tomakomai site was also affected. Observations were stopped under such conditions. However, we started vegetation recovery monitoring focusing on CO2, H2O and heat flux exchanges in the growing season, as the disturbance would have an effect on carbon exchanges and ecosystem functions. The monitoring had been conducted in cooperation with the Experimental Plantation and Faculty of Agriculture of Hokkaido University. The monitoring was conducted only in growing season at the beginning, but we build tower in 2012 and started full year observation from 2015.

Observation site

Location Forest No.1196-1198, Tomakomai National Forest, Tomakomai, Hokkaido (Within the jurisdiction of Tomakomai Office, Iburi-higashi Forest Management Office)
Latitude and Longitude: 42º 44' 13.1" N,141º 31' 7.1" E
Elevation: 115-140 m
Land Gradient: 1-2 degree
Soil type: Volcanogenous regosol
Vegetation Dominant Species: Rubus matsumuranus, Solidago gigantea var. leiophylla, Betula platyphylla
Mean annual air temperature 6.5℃ (2001-2003)
Annual precipitation 1055 mm (2001-2003
Annual global solar radiation 4199 MJm-2(2001-2003)

Observation Facilities

Observation tower 12 m heigh. CO2/H2O flux and micrometeorology monitoring system
Automated chambers CO2 flux observation (vegetation, soil. stump and root)

Observation System

System Item Number Installed Place (m)
Eddy covariance method Three-dimensional sonic anemometer-thermometer 1 6 m
Open-path systems (CO2 and H2O flux) 1 6 m
Soil respiration Automated chambers 18 forest floor
Meteorology Global solar radiation
1 11.2 m
Global solar radiation
1 11.2 m
PPFD (incoming) 1 11.2 m
PPFD (outgoing) 1 11.2 m
Long wave radiation (incoming) 1 11.2 m
Long wave radiation (outgoing) 1 11.2 m
Wind direction and speed 1 12 m
Air temperature and humidity 2 1.5 m, 6.2 m
Precipitation 1 1.5 m
Atmospheric pressure 1 1.4 m
Soil temperature 20 1, 3, 6, 15, 50 cm * 4 point
Soil water content 20 1~5 cm
Soil heat flux 4 6cm
Vegetation(above ground and underground biomass, Leaf Area Index (LAI)) floor


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