Information on Vitamin D Synthesis / Erythemal UV

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The National Institute for Environmental Studies has a network of UV monitoring stations consisting of 5 own stations and other cooperating institutes in Japan, and monitors harmful ultraviolet radiation continuously. However, UV radiation has a merit for vitamin D synthesis in human skin. Our group has developed a system to estimate the UV radiation necessary for vitamin D synthesis, as well as the amount of vitamin D synthesized in the body, and started to provide these data on the website.

What's New

Total amount of ozone to calculate Vitamin D Synthesis / Erythemal UV has been changed to use the climatological data for the Real Time Data, and to use the value of the day observed by satellites for 10 days before in the Data Search for Past Data. Consequently, error amounts have been greatly reduced.
Sendai station (Miyagi prefecture) has been added in the Information on Vitamin D Synthesis / Erythemal UV on our website.
Climatological data at the Aomori station (Aomori prefecture) and Osaka station (Osaka prefecture) have been released since the observation period at these stations exceeded two years.
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