The observations sites make their UV Index available online on a real-time basis.


Figure 5. UV Index available online for these sites

Sapporo Rikubetsu Ochi-ishi Aomori Tsukuba Koto Yokohama Fujisawa Nagoya Kyoto Nara Okayama Miyazaki Naha Hateruma
  1. Cape Ochi-ishi
  2. Rikubetsu
  3. Sapporo
  4. Aomori
  5. Tsukuba
  6. Yokohama
  7. Fujisawa
  8. Nagoya
  9. Kyoto
  10. Nara
  11. Miyazaki
  12. Hateruma

Click on the site name to see the UV index for that site. The linked pages are in Japanese, but you can use the following chart to interpret the information.

How to Interpret the UV Index

Figure 6. How to interpret the UV index

Click here to visit the UV index site in Japanese.