NIES-FRIM-UPM Joint Research on Tropical Ecology and Biodiversity

Pasoh Primary Forest

Pasoh Primary Forest

    Tropical rain forests are believed to be the oldest and most species-rich ecological system on our planet. However, over the last few decades, human activities (coupled with disturbance associated with this) have caused these forests to decline and degrade at an alarming rate, thus rendering it a worldwide issue for serious consideration. In 1991, the NIES-FRIM-UPM Joint Research Project was launched in the Pasoh Forest Reserve of Peninsular Malaysia. This joint research project between the Japanese and Malaysian governments embraces the fields such as ecology, forestry, meteorology and hydrology to focus upon issues pertaining to biodiversity, sustainable use and management of tropical rain forests. Led by NIES, FRIM, UPM, UTM and FDNS, more than 20 research and academic institutions participated in the project to date. Thus, the project will continue to contribute greatly towards the protection of biodiversity that will lead to the sustainable management of a tropical lowland rain forest as a whole.

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