Micrometeorological CO2 Flux Data at Fuji Hokuroku Flux Observation Site (FHK)

Fuji Hokuroku Flux Observation Site (FHK) is located in the larch forest at the foothills of Mt. Fuji in central Honshu, Japan. We began monitoring in 2006 to understand the CO2 exchange and carbon cycle processes in forest ecosystems. We investigate forest carbon balance with multiple approaches, such as micrometeorological measurement, forest census, eco-physiological methods, and remote sensing.
This data set includes ecosystem CO2 flux, and sensible and latent heat flux which were measured with eddy covariance methods, and meteorological items, such as temperature, precipitation, wind, and radiation. The meteorological conditions affect plants growth, and they were measured at multiple points of height/depth ranging from 35m height on a flux observation tower to 1m depth at forest floor. This dataset is also provided by the AsiaFlux Database (http://asiaflux.net/index.php?page_id=23).


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