Data Object Description
Description:Species code
Physical Structure Description:
Object Name:chichibutable1_120328.csv
Size:17679 byte
Text Format:
Number of Header Lines:1
Record Delimiter:#x0A
Attribute Orientation:column
Simple Delimited:
Field Delimeter:,
Number Of Records:265
Online Distribution Info:
Attribute(s) Info:
NameSPCJapanese nameFamily nameScientific nameJapanese name in CCUFT flora
Column Label  
DefinitionSpecies code in CCUFTJapanese nameFamily nameScientific nameNomenclature is in accordance with YList ( species whose Japanese names in YList are different from those published in our previous study (DOI:...),Japanese names in our list are also described.
Type of Value          
Measurement Typenominalnominalnominalnominalnominal
Measurement Domain
DefSpecies code
DefJapanese name
DefFamily name
DefScientific name
DefJapanese name in CCUFT flora
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Accuracy Assessment