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Hiroyuki Muraoka 村岡裕由 .
Plant ecophysiological survey,AsiaFlux TKY site,2003-2007,Takayama,Japan;植物生理生態学的調査,アジアフラックスTKYサイト,2003-2007,高山,日本
JaLTER-takayama-01.30.2 (
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Title:Plant ecophysiological survey,AsiaFlux TKY site,2003-2007,Takayama,Japan;植物生理生態学的調査,アジアフラックスTKYサイト,2003-2007,高山,日本
Plant ecophysiological survey in a deciduous broadleaf forest, AsiaFlux TKY site, Japan. Leaf photosynthesis of canopy trees (Betula and Quercus) and understory dwarf bamboo has been measured periodically, in a fetch of TKY flux tower.落葉広葉樹林のフラックス観測タワー付近の林冠木および林床ササの光合成特性の測定データ。
  • Single leaf photosynthesis
  • Canopy photosynthesis
  • Single leaf pespiration,
  • 個葉光合成
  • 個葉呼吸
  • 林冠光合成

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Individual: Hiroyuki Muraoka 村岡裕由
Organization:River Basin Research Center, Gifu University岐阜大学流域圏科学研究センター
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Individual: Hiroyuki Muraoka
Organization:River Basin Research Center, Gifu University岐阜大学流域圏科学研究センター
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Step 1:

Plant ecophysiological survey

Light-saturated photosynthesis and dark respiration, under CO2 of 370 ppm and at ambient air temperature conditions, are measured by suing a portable photosynthesis measuring system (LI-6400).

Sampling Area And Frequency:
Measurements are made on a canopy-access tower, with a height of 18 m aboveground, for intact leaves at canopy-top (Betula and Quercus) and inner-canopy (Quercus). Measurements are conducted periodically, 1-2 times per month from May to October.
Sampling Description:
Three to five apparently healthy leaves are chosen and used for measurements.

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