Credits and Contacts

This service is provided by JaLTER Network. (cgerdb_adminse send an e-mail to the maintainer (Y.Sakai, yuuri.sakai@db.soc.i.kyoto-u.ac.jp) if you have questions, comments, requests.

The construction of the service was supported by a grant of Ministry of the Environment, Goverment of Japan (2007-2009, representative: Prof. Hiura).

The operation of the service is supported by Office for Global Environmental Data Integration and Analytics, Center for Global Environmental Research, National Institute for Environmental Studies (CGER NIES).

Data packages stored in the service are provided by JaLTER research sites. The providers have the intellectual property right for their data. The data users have to abide by "JaLTER Network Data Policy", and use the data under the conditions described in it. In addition, if the data have peculiar conditions for data use restricted by the data provider, the data user is also subject to the peculiar conditions.

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