NIES CGER Fuji Hokuroku Energy, Water, CO2 Flux, Spectral Radiation, Vegetational Index Data

Center for Global Environmental Research, National Institute for Environmental Studies is conducting comprehensive monitoring of carbon cycle in terrestrial ecosystems under the program of Global Environmental Monitoring, which covers a wide range of environmental fields such as the atmosphere, ocean and biosphere. The Fuji hokuroku (FHK) site is located in a forest at the foothills of Mt Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture at an elevation of 1100 m. The long-term carbon cycle monitoring started in 2006 including the carbon dioxide exchange between the forest and the atmosphere as well as the carbon cycle processes in the ecosystem. This dataset includes energy, water, and CO2 fluxes, spectral radiation, and vegetation index data observed at the Fuji hokuroku site.

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