Global Environment

Various projects on measuring environmental pollutants related to human activity are being conducted in CGER, in cooperation with Center for Regional Environmental Research, Center for Environmental Measurement and Analysis, and Center for Environmental Biology and Ecosystem Studies.
The global water resources model H08 is a distributed hydrological model designed for global application. The model enables us to simulate not only natural terrestrial hydrological cycle but also major human activities at high spatial and temporal resolutions. Source code, manuals, and meteorological input data of H08 are available.
Biological and ecological projects are being conducted in CGER to monitor global environment.
Researches are being conducted in CGER on global environmental issues regarding geographically wide regions using satellite observation and geographical information systems.
To facilitate researches on global environmental issues, CGER is cooperating with various international organizations.
Links to "Data Book of Information about International Research Institutions/Programmes", "Distribution of Urban Anthropogenic Heat In Tokyo Based on Very Precise Digital Land Use Data" and "Data Book of DESERTIFICATION/LAND DEGRADATION" from CGER Report are placed.