Oceanic and Inland Water Environment

Various projects on measuring environmental pollutants related to human activity are being conducted in CGER, in cooperation with Center for Regional Environmental Research, Center for Environmental Measurement and Analysis, and Center for Environmental Biology and Ecosystem Studies.

GEMS/Water Japan
Japan's National Focal Point of the United Nations Global Environment Monitoring System (GEMS) Water Programme, which provides global freshwater quality data. The Focal Point Office is located in Center for Environmental Biology and Ecosystem Studies, NIES.
Lake Kasumigaura Database
Database providing water quality and aquatic organisms data of Lake Kasumigaura, which has been monitored for nearly 40 years since the establishment of NIES. A list of researchers, a chronology and a bibliography of the Lake Kasumigaura Long-term Environmental Monitoring program are also provided.
Meteorological database in Lake Kasumigaura
Meteorological and other data (surface air temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind velocity, and solar irradiance) measured at Lake Kasumigaura Water Research Station, NIES.
Lake Mashu, Long-term Environmental Monitoring
A long-term monitoing data on water temperature, planktons, photons and low-level chemical substances of Lake Mashu in Hokkaido.